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Baby bottle tooth decay is a severe risk that many young children are presented with. It is called this because most tooth decay in children is connected to baby bottles, due to the prevalence of the liquid from these bottles to pool in a child’s mouth and cause harm. However, it is avoidable if you take the necessary steps to ensure the oral health of your child

If a child’s teeth fall into disorder, tooth decay can occur, as one of the most common forms of tooth decay in young children is called baby bottle tooth decay. Usually, sugary products in baby bottles pool in a child’s mouth for many hours at a time, often while they sleep. This greatly increases their chances for tooth failure to occur.

Even coating a baby bottle in a sweet ingredient such as honey can put them at an elevated risk. Do not put sugary drinks in your child’s baby bottle, as it can seriously damage their teeth. Also avoid letting bottles sit in a child’s mouth as they slumber, as this can add to the time that the harmful substances with be able to attack their precious teeth and gums.

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