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Are you doing enough to keep your smile safe from oral health risks as a teen? Several health risks in regard to peer pressure, lifestyle choices and bad habits that we often tend to pick up begin during the teen years. For a list of frequently asked questions associated with teenage dentistry, see below:

Question: What is teenage dentistry?
Answer: Teenage dentistry is a period in a young adult’s life in which their teeth are often under attack from many different sources, which includes sources from high-risk activities such as sports or other habits in your life.

Question: What are some of the risks of teenage dentistry?
Answer: Various risks to a teen’s smile includes ailments that can arise due to wisdom teeth eruption, the presence of mouth jewelry, the impact of sports, particularly contact sports, as well as the use of smoking or drugs.

Question: How do your wisdom teeth impact your life as a teen?
Answer: If your wisdom teeth fail to grow in properly or are in the wrong positions, several oral health ailments can arise. Furthermore, tooth decay, infection and crossbites are all commonly seen with wisdom teeth eruption.

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