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Even though a cavity starts out small, it needs to be treated before it causes extensive tooth decay and results in the loss of the tooth. To treat large cavities, we may need to place a dental crown to protect the tooth in place of the tooth enamel.

Typically, you will need to visit Dr. David Mortvedt and our team on two separate occasions to receive a dental crown. First, we need to extract the tooth enamel layer to clear away any tooth decay and leave only the healthy internal structure that is shaped like an abutment to support the dental crown.

Then, we form an impression of the bite pattern, including the treated tooth and surrounding teeth, so that technicians can see the unique detail of your smile and custom make the crown at an off-site dental lab. During the process of creating the crown, we can prevent bacteria from affecting your tooth by placing a temporary dental crown.

This temporary crown is removed during your second appointment, when it’s time to cement the new crown in your smile. Dental crowns can remain part of your smile for many years if you care for and clean your mouth properly on a daily basis.

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