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Are you interested in getting a lip or tongue ring? Do you want to improve your oral aesthetics by having mouth jewelry inserted into your mouth? Although some would consider them highly stylish and visually impressive, be aware that numerous oral health issues are associated with mouth jewelry.

If tongue rings are inserted incorrectly, they can cause permanent nerve damage that can affect your sensations when eating and chewing food. Lip and tongue rings also tend to get in the way of effective cleaning habits including oral health care routines such as brushing and flossing. However, if you insist on a tongue ring, be aware that they require constant care to ensure bleeding or lacerations do not arise. Lacerations increase your risk for infections including endocarditis and hepatitis. Furthermore, if a piece of jewelry breaks off, it can potentially turn into a choking hazard.

Common issues associated with mouth jewelry include frequent bleeding, infections, nerve damage, open wounds, choking hazards, allergies, dental damage, tooth enamel wear, and issues arising from chipped or cracked teeth. In order to prevent your oral health from declining, exercise caution with any and all mouth jewelry.

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