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Your teeth have been designed by natural processes to be hard enough to chew, bite, and grind the foods you consume. However, there are times when a blow to the face, household accident, or a bad habit can carry enough force to damage one or more of your teeth. The severity of the dental trauma will determine the treatment method Dr. David Mortvedt advocates to repair or restore the tooth.

A chip or minor dental fracture can sometimes be minor. It might not even distress the tooth or cause sensitivity problems. However, you should still have the tooth examined and repaired at Dr. David Mortvedt’s clinic to prevent a cavity from developing in the damaged tooth enamel.

In a case like this, he might be able to repair the tooth with a standard amalgam or composite dental filling. This often calls for removing a small amount of additional tooth enamel to ensure a strong surface to bond the filling material.

If a large amount of tooth enamel was damaged or the biting surface of the tooth was compromised, Dr. David Mortvedt might recommend restoring the entire tooth enamel layer with a dental crown. In an extreme situation where the internal structures of the tooth have been compromised, Dr. David Mortvedt might need to perform a root canal. This endodontic therapy will restore sufficient structure to anchor a dental crown.

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