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A chipped tooth can sometimes cause minimal damage to the enamel layer. Some don’t even cause distress or increased sensitivity. However, you shouldn’t let this lull you into the notion that the tooth doesn’t need professional dental care. In just a short amount of time, minute food particles and plaque buildup can become trapped in the microscopic textures of the damaged tooth enamel. This can cause a cavity to develop deep within the already compromised tooth.

With early diagnosis, Dr. David Mortvedt might be able to repair a small chip or minor dental fracture with a basic dental filling. This requires a thorough examination to assess the severity of the damage and ensure the internal structures of the tooth haven’t been harmed.

Your dentist will then numb the tooth and the underlying gums before using a dental drill to remove a small amount of additional tooth enamel. This will prepare a surface sufficient for anchoring the dental filling in place. The specific material Dr. David Mortvedt uses for the dental filling will depend on the tooth’s primary function and its visibility in your smile.

A composite dental filling is made from a special type of dental resin. It can be shaded to match the existing tooth enamel to seamlessly conceal the fact that the tooth was ever damaged. Amalgam dental fillings are made from a blend of special dental metals. This material is soft when it is first applied to the tooth then it will be hardened with a special ultraviolet light.

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